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Efficient Communication and Work Ethic

Efficient Communication and Work Ethic

This Content was Written by the Remodeling Tulsa Experts at Wizard of Saws

At Wizard of Saws, we believe that the most effiecient and beneficial way to complete a home improvement project is to establish a spirit of cooperation and communication between the owners, designers, and builders. We strive to achieve this level of communication every time. There are many reasons to consider remodeling Tulsa, renovating, or creating an addition to your home. Building equity is always important. With high fuel costs, improved energy efficiency is another good reason to build. You might just want to live in a nicer home or to have that kitchen you always dreamed about. Wizard of Saws has over twenty years of experience in designing, planning and budgeting small projects, large renovations and new home construction. You might also be thinking environmentally, and would appreciate our extensive research skills and experience across a broad range of materials. When it comes to remodeling Tulsa simply put, no one does it better. Wizard of Saws can be reached at 918-260-9085, you can also give us a call or check us out online at www.wizardofsawstulsa.com.

Whatever your reason for building, Wizard of Saws has the ability to understand your ideas and needs, listen to your concerns and steer you in the right direction so that when the project is complete, you’ll feel confident that you have invested wisely. Although good communication skills might not seem like an inportant quality to look for when choosing a contractor, it is critical that client and contractor be able to converse honestly and confidently in order to resolve the many questions that ineveitably arise.

Another reason that Wizard of Saws rises above our competition, is our ability and willingness to reach out to the community. We believe in supporting the troops, and Randy Curtis his own children were both on active duty in the United States military. Every time we start a new model project, we allow our customers to pick a branch of the military of their choosing, and then we send a care package to that branch. It’s a great way to show the young men and women in all branches of the United States Armed Forces, that we have their back and we look forward to seeing them come home.

Wizard of Saws operates all of their projects on a turn-key basis. When we start a project we guarantee that we will see it through to a completion that you desire. Creating a reality from your vision for your home and office is what we are passionate about. Please give us a call today or visit us online to get more information about how you can truly see amazing results in all of your Tulsa remodeling needs.

Remodeling Can Really up the Value of Your Home

This Content was Written by the Remodeling Tulsa Experts at Wizard of Saws

At Wizard of Saws, we specialize in a wide range of remodeling projects for homes. If you are considering a home remodel, you are likely considering your options in terms of Return On Investment. There are many home remodel projects that come with a high ROI, meaning that not only will they add to the beauty of your home, but they will also increase your home’s value and pay you back in the future. Here are our top 5 home remodeling projects.

Attic Bedroom
Turning your attic into a bedroom is a home remodeling project with great ROI. On average, this project will gain you about 83% of the cost when it comes time to sell your home. Attic bedrooms can be expensive to build, at about $49,000 for the project, but they have the benefit of providing extra space in your home for your growing family.

Wood Deck
Adding a wooden deck to your home is another project with a high ROI at 82%. Buyers view decks as a big asset to a new home, because it increases the functionality of the house. Consumers enjoy being able to spend more time at home while still enjoying the outdoors.

Exterior Siding
Replacing the vinyl siding of your house is a project with high ROI because it adds to curb appeal. This remodeling project has an average ROI of 81%. New siding makes your home appear much more modern, and it is beneficial to you because it is a necessary component of home maintenance.

Kitchen Remodel
A kitchen remodel is another project that consumers attach high value to. It has an average ROI of 72.1% with an average cost of about $19,588. It is beneficial to remodel certain parts of your kitchen, such as countertops, appliances, faucets, and hardware. Leave floors and cabinets intact to save on the remodel while reaping the benefits of adding value to your home.

Garage Door
Finally, replacing your garage door is another remodeling project that adds curb appeal to your home. It has an average ROI of 83.9%, and the job is a fairly inexpensive one with potential costs as low as $1,300. This project is also often a necessity for your home, making it a valuable investment for both the present and the future.