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New Windows May Be What You’re Looking for

New Windows May Be What You’re Looking for

This Content was Written by the Remodeling Tulsa Experts at Wizard of Saws

If you are experiencing problems with your windows, you may be wondering when it is time to get them replaced. Window replacement can be a hefty expense, but it comes with many major benefits such as reducing heating costs and better sealing your home. If you know what warning signs to watch for, you will be able to determine if it is time to consider window replacement. At Wizard of Saws, we are here to help you fill all of your window replacement needs in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

There are many warning signs that will indicate that your windows need replacing. First, if your windows are drafty and allow cold air in, it is likely that the seal around the windows has stopped working. If you have double or triple-pane windows, condensation forming between the panes of glass is another sign of window failure. Furthermore, if it is difficult for you to open, shut, or lock your windows, they definitely need to be replaced. Windows that appear to be rotting or otherwise falling apart will also need replacement. In addition, if your home is very loud from drafts, this is another sign of window failure. High heating bills can also indicate that your windows are letting in a draft and causing your heating systems to exert more energy. Finally, if you still have single-pane windows, you should consider replacement to save money in the long-term.

Replacing your windows comes with many different advantages. First, you will reap the immediate benefit of a lower heating bill by at least 10%. Second, your home will be much quieter and less drafty. Another benefit is that your windows will be more aesthetically pleasing, increasing the value of your home. New windows will also make your home more secure, as they will be much more difficult to break into.

Our approach is simple, maintain a level of expertise that our customers have come to expect, and always provide expert service. We do this by showing up to the job every day and making sure that the details are not overlooked on your Tulsa remodeling projects. It doesn’t matter how many times we come out and make sure the project is finished, we will never let your home go neglected and we will always operate on a turn-key basis. If we start something we guarantee that will finish it, and you can rest assured knowing that our company is behind your back when ever your Tulsa remodeling needs may arise.

We also believe in supporting the troops. Branches of the military need to know that the people of America are supporting them and that they have their backs. Every time we start a new project in Tulsa we donate a care package to the branch of the military of our customers choosing. We do this every single time.

Home Improvements Can Maximize Your Homes Value

This Content was Written by the Remodeling Tulsa Experts at Wizard of Saws

The kitchen has long been the most important room in the house; it’s where everyone in the household eats, socializes, grows closer and ultimately spends most of their time. When planning to sell your house, there are a few main improvements that can raise home market value in the eyes of potential buyers. It’s important that you check on which home improvement projects can maximize your Return on Investment (ROI) and help in increasing house value when selling your house. Despite the current economic conditions within the housing market, Remodelers Magazine’s 2009-2010 Cost vs. Value Report ranked a minor kitchen remodel in the top 10 home improvement projects concerning return on investment. Most of the other projects that made the list were less expensive exterior door and window replacements that are considered “need-to-do”, where as a kitchen remodel is more of a “want-to-do” project.

When you choose the experts at Wizard of Saws you are getting craftsmanship unlike any other company. The expert, finished look that you are envisioning is waiting for you. Those Tulsa remodeling jobs are going to complete themselves, and you need an expert in your corner when ever you’re looking to tackle things like Tulsa Windows, Tulsa doors, James Hardie siding, decks/fences, painting, cabinets, window treatment and drapery, sunrooms, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, patio cover, outdoor kitchens, room additions, furniture lines, tile and wood floorings, granite countertops and walls, sheet rock repair, carpets and rugs, plumbing and plumbing fixtures, and even electrical and lighting fixtures. There is literally no job that we don’t know how to perform when it comes to remodeling work in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area.

It’s time to meet Randy Curtis and his wife Lori. They are the experts behind Wizard of Saws. Randy has over 25 years experience in the industry, dating back to his construction days in California in 1986. He moved to Tulsa in 1990 and met his wife Lori on a construction project that they were both mutually working on. Lori was the resident expert at granite, wood floors, countertops, and a variety of other home project designs. They combined both of their expertise and love for this industry into Wizard of Saws and have been providing expert service to the people of our great city ever since.

Randy Curtis has children that were both on active duty in the United States military. He has a strong heart for supporting the troops, and part of his goal when starting Wizard of Saws was being able to help support the troops anyway he could. That’s why every time a customer hires Wizard of Saws for a Tulsa remodeling job, we make a care package and send it to a branch of the military of the customers choosing. It’s a great way for us to work together in helping support the men and women of the United States military. They give so selflessly of their time and effort toward supporting and defending American freedoms, that we feel it is necessary to make sure that they feel loved and supported well on active duty.