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A More Efficient Home for the People of Tulsa, Oklahoma

A More Efficient Home for the People of Tulsa, Oklahoma

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Doors Installation Experts at Wizard Of Saws

These days, the name of the game is energy efficiency. Whether it comes in the form of replacing your existing Tulsa Doors and Tulsa Windows or updating any other aspect of your home, the experts and Wizard of Saws have you covered. We have been providing the people of Tulsa with expertise in home renovations for several years. Put us to the test today by setting up a free, no risk, in home consultation with Randy Curtis and our team of experts. We would love to make your home more energy efficient than ever before.

Homeowners are always on the lookout for ways in which to increase their home’s efficient use of energy for the dual purposes of lowering heating and air conditioning bills and in an effort to go green. Some improved window designs currently being offered these days will block the heat that can leak through the glass, and that will reduce your heating costs considerably. Not only are we experts and Tulsa Doors, but we also provide these types of energy efficient windows to the people of Tulsa and the surrounding Oklahoma metro areas.

For a small upgrade cost per window you can choose double paned windows that are several times more efficient than the standard windows that are offered by builders. These newer style windows actually use a specialized gas that is sealed between the panes and it will help lower the transfer of heat through the panes and also it will reduce drafts.

Upgrading these windows now will allow you to reduce your heating and energy bills and will pay for itself a number of times over the life of your house. Also changing these windows out for more efficient models when the home is being built is a lot less expensive, since the window frame is still exposed. The perks of having a more energy efficient home go on and on. Be sure and contact the experts at Wizard of Saws as soon as you want to start saving money. It has never been easier to get the home remodeling and Tulsa Windows and Tulsa Doors installation that you are looking for.

Window placement is also important. Energy efficient homes will often have larger windows on the side of their building that receives the most sun to allow them to take advantage of sunlight, thereby reducing electricity bills for lighting. To help you with your lighting requirements, skylights also can be easy to install and can be fairly inexpensive, as well. By using this natural light for your home you will have to have fewer lights on during the day and can reduce your energy consumption considerably. Our experts will guide you through the entire process and make sure that your wishes are being executed. After all, this is your home and there is no other place like it!

Remodeling Just a Mouse Click Away

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Doors Installation Experts at Wizard Of Saws

Wizard of Saws continually sets itself apart from the competition. We have made a reputation of being a company that can provide outstanding customer service and satisfaction all while delivering the expert craftsmanship that our customers desire. We focus on all of the desires of our customers and make sure that they have the very best when it comes to Tulsa remodeling. Our expertise has led us to work with customers who have been featured in the New York Times, NBC, the Washington Post, and a variety of other media outlets. Whether you’re looking to remodel your home or commercial projects completed for your business, we are the contractors for you. Randy Curtis is a consummate professional that will answer all of your questions when you give us a call at 918-260-9085. You can also check us out online anytime at www.wizardofsawstulsa.com.

The person that you are wanting to learn more about is Randy Curtis when it comes to Tulsa doors. Our dedication to our projects and our loyalty to our customers is some of the best you’re going to find in this industry. When he picked up a hammer back in 1986 he started working construction in the Golden State. After he left California he came to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1990 where he met his wife Lori on a construction project. Lori is an expert that has a wide variety of knowledge and expertise in hardwood floors, granite, and home design projects. They combined into Wizard of Saws and have been providing amazing service ever since.

We are just a mouse click away when you need access to the very best Tulsa remodeling services. Our website, www.wizardofsawstulsa.com, is literally a one-stop shop for all the information you need when it comes to Tulsa doors, Tulsa Windows, and bathroom and kitchen remodeling in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. We do everything from cabinets, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, hardwood floors, carpet, porches, decks, fences, and just about everything else under the sun including the kitchen sink. Stop by our website today and learn more about Wizard of Saws and how they want to service you in your home and office.

We love being able to support the troops every time we start a new project. One of our missions is to provide care packages to any branch of the military of our customers choosing whenever they select our services over our competition. We believe in supporting the young women and men of the United States Armed Forces by sending them these care packages. It is more important now than ever to help those who support and defend our American freedoms on a daily basis. God bless the USA.

We take pride in what we do, and our approach is to provide free home consultations that are not hassling your customers. Our free, in-home estimates will provide you with the peace of mind you need to go forward with all of your Tulsa remodeling projects.