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All You Need for Your Homes Carpentry

All You Need for Your Homes Carpentry

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Doors Installation Experts at Wizard Of Saws

You may not need a remodeling for your home but for sure some type of carpentry is usually needed for a variety of different things. Wizard of Saws is the company for all your carpentry and remodeling needs. Some of our services include baseboard replacement, design & build decks, door finishing & refinishing, pergolas & patio shade structures. We can also build and install Tulsa doors for your home or office. Wizard of Saws is a one-stop shop for all Tulsa remodeling projects needs. This article is about carpentry and how we are some of the most adept experts in the area when it comes to carpentry.

There are several things to consider when looking at having some carpentry work done at your home. If it be framing of new partition walls to custom entertainment component areas we can handle that for you. Most older homes have entertainment centers framed out and covered in drywall made to hold electronic components such as your big screens TV. Newer units never seem to fit in those old nooks. Technology improvements have changed our lives so we must adapt. Wizard of Saws can design you a new functioning entertainment center that will accommodate the new flat screen televisions along with all the newer stereo components. Special custom designed cabinetry can be designed into the unit so as to keep that dust out of certain shelf areas.

Patio additions are important especially when you want to enjoy the beautiful weather outside in Oklahoma. Strategically attached to your home they cover that particular side of the home that gets the most of the heat during the summer. As always it must be designed as to have it appear as part of the original structure. This may be in the form of a sloped roof or flat foam roof with a parapet wall. The individual home design will dictate the design of the structure, and we will always try to provide a custom, tailored fit approach to your needs.

Adding crown molding to an existing room adds beauty and style to a room. We can help you choose the right style crown molding that fits your room, not too big, not to small, just the right size. This molding can be stained or painted depending on your choice. Replacing all the baseboards and Tulsa door casings might need to be done in the case of a flood or just doing an upgrade. This might also be necessary if you are replacing or changing your flooring in your home.

Interior Tulsa doors can be replaced and updated with a different designed door surface. Replacing the slab can be done without replacing the entire door jamb if you are not going to a stained door from a painted door. Care & patience are in order when doing this as the door needs to be sized to the jamb opening. A quicker way to go is replacing the entire door & jamb assembly. If you have a carpentry project and it is beyond your skill level then don’t take chances on getting hurt. Call Wizard of Saws today and get it done right!

Assistance for Replacing Your Windows and Doors

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Doors Installation Experts at Wizard Of Saws

Choosing to replace your old Tulsa windows & Tulsa doors is a big decision. If your home is old and has single pane windows the move to replace them with new more energy efficient windows will help your home’s energy bill. Wizard of Saws installs high quality windows such as Andersen, Milgard, Therma-Tru & Eagle in the home. There are a wide variety of entry Tulsa doors to choose from, wood, metal or fiberglass. Each one is used for a different location on entering the home. Interior doors now offer many styles & surfaces textures to help beautify the home.

Wood doors are beautiful when finished properly. The wood grain brings warmth to wherever they are installed definitely giving the home a high end look. Scratches are repaired easily. Wood doors require regular maintenance to keeping them looking new and beautiful. Wood doors are one of the most popular options and we have a wide variety of different types of doors we can bring into your home. We will always use the highest quality materials to make sure you’re getting exactly what you’re looking for.

Metal doors do require less maintenance than wood doors. They do not crack or bow. They are usually less expensive than wood doors. They can be painted in any quality 100% acrylic paint as well as custom simulated wood grain. Metal doors are energy efficient. These doors are not ust used for garage entry doors anymore. Stylish metal doors can be used for other home entry applications. Metal doors are secure & have good insulating value.

Fiberglass doors have the lowest maintenance of all three choices. They resist denting and scratching. They offer wood grain and smooth finish look. They won’t rot, deteriorate or rust. They are energy efficient & can be painted or stained. They will not warp, bow or twist. Fiberglass doors have five times the insulation value of wood and definitely secure.

Most homeowners have the choice of vinyl or aluminum framed windows. If you would like to upgrade to a vinyl energy efficient window you will be eligible for a tax credit if still available by the government. Vinyl windows are more energy-efficient, because of good insulating properties. It shows resistance to heat during summer, and seals in the heat in the winter season. This helps in cost-saving while cooling and heating the house.

A positive window and door replacement experience requires knowledgeable experts who can help you handle your project from start to finish. Wizard of Saws can guide you through all the choices and technical specifications to help you make the right choice for your home!