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Full-Service Residential Remodeling

Full-Service Residential Remodeling

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Doors Installation Experts at Wizard Of Saws

Wizard of Saws is a full-service residential remodeling firm that will skillfully guide your special project from concept through design to completion. Our staff of professional Tulsa Doors experts and trim carpenters take pride in delivering excellent craftsmanship with dependability that is second to none. Our award-winning team begins every project with dedication and a desire to meet and exceed client expectations. Randy Curtis started Wizard of Saws and he has had over 25 years experience with the belief that craftsmanship of the highest quality, combined with a determined dedication to customer satisfaction, would produce success. It has been successful over the years and we have become the service provider of choice for many companies and home owners around the Tulsa area whenever they need expert remodeling and Tulsa doors.

We do a wide variety of different services including kitchen remodeling. In many houses, the kitchen is the one place where everyone comes together. As such, when remodeling your kitchen, you should invest wisely in it to ensure that it is as pleasant, comfortable and spacious as you can make it. The examples below highlight some of the latest trends in many kitchens. Many kitchens today are large with an open concept where the kitchen is no longer confined to four walls. In the process, people are asking for larger islands with cabinets and functional drawer inserts already installed. As such, the trend is to do away with wall cabinets altogether. Where cabinets are used, designers are inclined to opt for dark, rich and glossy colors like deep blue, sage green, yellow, chocolate brown, red and, in particular, black.

Stone has become the trendy option for countertops in modern kitchens. Natural veining stone tends to hide stains and grime better than others. Ochre veining stone countertops echoes the rest of your kitchen if you’re using bright paints and tiles. Granite is what goes well with kitchens that have dark, rich, and glossy color. We will make your kitchen remodeling project go with ease and we will take care of all of the needs your home may have whenever it comes to remodeling.

Nothing says trendy more than having kitchen appliances, from refrigerators and cookers to ovens and dishwashers, that are both convenient and energy efficient. In line with the use of modern color schemes of rich and dark colors, manufacturers are beginning to provide appliances with a glossy black appearance. Keep in mind all of the above when remodeling your kitchen. No doubt, when your remodeled kitchen is ready from cabinets that have rich and glossy colors to stone countertops you’ll have one that fits perfectly with your modern lifestyle. You don’t have to be alone when you’re updating your home this year. Remodeling experts at Wizard of Saws are here to help you and your house look more beautiful than ever before. Be proud of where you live and only choose an expert firm when dealing with kitchen remodeling work.

Achieving Total Client Satisfaction

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Doors Installation Experts at Wizard Of Saws

Achieving total client satisfaction, and striving beyond that for total client loyalty is what we are all about here at Wizard of Saws. We believe in building relationships as strong as our homes. Having been recognized in our industry by reputable organizations such as the Juliet Films, Epic Photography, DJ Connections, Make Your Life Epic, and Elephant in the Room and the Historic District of Tulsa for superior residential and commercial remodeling projects, we look forward to an opportunity to help you turn your vision into a meticulously designed and crafted reality. One of our specialties his Tulsa doors and that means we can give you the Tulsa doors are looking for for your home or office.

We do everything from adding completely new rooms and dining areas to the inside of your home, to kitchen and bath remodeling, to giving you an entirely new landscape design and outdoor kitchen, or even building that high-end media room you’ve always wanted. Whatever you do, avoid a major makeover mistake and make sure to hire experts that can help make your dreams a reality. Leave everything better than we found it. It’s a mindset, an attitude, and it captures our commitment to creating lasting value in the communities we serve. With more than 25 years combined experience in this industry and we are a licensed general contractor capable of handling a vast array of professional construction projects. We apply the experience and relationships we established as home-builders to our kitchen and bath remodeling ideas.

Kitchen and Bath remodeling should be left to professionals at Wizard of Saws. Although painting and repair projects can be very simple, you may want to call us to discuss your home remodeling project if you are uncomfortable doing the work on your own. We hope you will take a look at a few pictures of kitchen and bath remodeling projects we’ve done across Tulsa Oklahoma, including kitchen and bath remodeling projects in Broken Arrow, Jinks, Sand Springs, Bixby, and everywhere else in the area. Wizard of Saws is a full service, licensed general contractor that handles a wide variety of professional construction projects. Our professional remodeling clients enjoy our proven, turn-key capabilities in home remodeling and home repair. We are committed to using our resources to make the community we live and work in a better place.

A fresh coat of paint is a great way to make your home look bright and new again in a hurry. From the beginning, two of our core service offerings have been painting and repairs. Included in most home remodeling and restoration projects, home painting and repairs are typically less involved when compared with the bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects we handle. We are a licensed general contractor capable of handling a vast array of professional construction projects. We only use the best products and proven methods that we would do on our own homes as well as on the homes of our clients and customers.