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You Have Found Your Remodeler and Contractor

You Have Found Your Remodeler and Contractor

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Doors Installation Experts at Wizard Of Saws

In the business of home remodeling projects, a dependable, quality contractor is a necessity when considering the major undertaking of a bathroom remodel, Tulsa Doors, kitchen remodel, or adding on extra room additions to your home in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. If you are not sure of what bath design or kitchen plans to go with or simply just not sure where to start, at least you have found the right remodeler and contractor. Randy Curtis is committed to the people of Tulsa and providing them with the very best service and expertise when it comes to all types of Tulsa remodeling projects and Tulsa doors. Visit our website today at www.wizardofsawstulsa.com to learn more about our company and what we can do for your home or business when it comes to remodeling.

We desire to enhance your life by providing high quality projects with hands-on service and minimal disruption to your family environment, building trust through communication and attention to detail. We have been in the business of updating kitchens and bathroom renovation for many years and we have turned many customers dream homes and remodeling projects for their existing homes into reality. We can help make the whole renovation process easier, because we know that there are endless choices of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and fixtures to choose from. Your dream home can become a reality with the plans you have for your house and our experience as general contractors to do the job right. Please, take a look around the website, view the remodeling pictures and the before and afters, and contact Wizard of Saws to be your contractor for home remodeling.

You have stopped inviting people over for dinner because you’re embarrassed by your out-dated kitchen. Not only is the decor ancient, the layout is so inefficient that cooking and cleaning up has become more of a chore than a pleasure. We can help you with everything from kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovations to bathroom remodels, master bedroom suites, master baths, whole house remodels, and additions, basement conversions, decks, interior and exterior renovations, and just about everything else under the sun.

Unfortunately in our industry there are a lot of con artists out there. We have a time of references on our behalf over the past 20 years, and we have superseded our customers expectations on a daily basis. We are in the business of wowing people, and we love seeing our customers faces after we get finished with a Tulsa remodeling project. We are also Environmental Protection Agency certified and members of the home builders Association. At Wizard of Saws we believe it all comes down to expectations and communication, so we focus on doing both well every time we meet with a new potential customer. You’re going to know exactly what our plans are for your remodeling project, and we will implement it in a way that we discussed and agreed upon before the first hammer was even pulled out of the toolbox.

Things to Consider When Remodeling

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Doors Installation Experts at Wizard Of Saws

Wizard of Saws is devoted to providing the people of Tulsa with Tulsa Doors. If you need Tulsa doors for your home you come to the right place. We do a wide variety of other different types of remodeling projects as well. All you have to do is stop by our website and see what we can do for you and your home when it comes to remodeling and redesigning. Our website is www.wizardofsawstulsa.com and you can definitely go there right now. One of our specialties at Wizard of Saws is dealing with kitchen remodeling. This article is about kitchen remodels and certain considerations you must take into account.

A kitchen remodel is a more substantial investment. Most homeowners spend a lot of time in the kitchen especially with today’s designs where they are attached to a great room. Kitchen remodels can range from simple makeover like new floor coverings and backsplash, to a complete remodel with new cabinets, appliances, countertops, even a complete redesign. The Wizard of Saws team provides a full range of services from planning/permitting to completion with warranty. If you are thinking about doing a total kitchen overhaul, but are a little unsure about it we can provide design services for you so that you will feel comfortable & at ease with them. A good rule of thumb is to collect pictures and articles of kitchen elements that you may like to include in your remodel. The professionals at Wizard of Saws can tell you what is possible and not possible with your design and existing floor plan. We will make things work for you and make your dream home a reality.

Some of the things you need to consider before taking the first steps toward your kitchen remodeling include: new light fixtures or cabinet lighting, a kitchen island that doubles for additional seating, wood floors in kitchen renovations, kitchen backslashes, kitchen cabinets, kitchen appliances, and kitchen countertops.

Here are some benefits of using Wizard of Saws for all of your home or office remodeling jobs. The knowledge and partnerships a designer will have are invaluable. It is so easy for homeowner when they use a home remodeler that includes design capabilities. If you want to sell the house in three or four years, you may want to keep your kitchen remodel around a certain price point. If this is the home you love and plan to enjoy for a long period of time, then your tastes, and preferences are worth building into the design.

Wizard of Saws will supply you with a set of design plans, material and appliance choices, a costs spreadsheet, a milestone schedule accompanying, and their expert advice. We are a remodeler that you can trust and establish a long-term relationship for future home updates and design choices. We want to exceed your expectations so you’ll invite us back next time you need any remodeling work done in the Tulsa area or beyond. Trust us to exceed your expectations and we will promise to do so.