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Save Money and Save Energy with New Windows

Save Money and Save Energy with New Windows

This Content was Written by the Tulsa Window Installation Experts at Wizard of Saws

With over 25 years of combined experience between our experts from California all the way to Tulsa, we made a bold move to establish unique, total home improvement stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We went to work and gave our clients all we had and then some. Our reputation began to precede us virtually by word of mouth alone. Our success as a remodeling company spawned opportunities into other areas of green energy products, that we felt obliged to offer to our clients to help our communities live green and, thus, live better. It was only wise to hone our expertise and experience with more training and certification in all relevant areas of the industry.
Applying the same philosophy of putting our clients’ satisfaction ahead of anything else, Wizard of Saws has since grown to become one of Tulsa’s most reliable remodeling companies known today. Referrals are the hallmark of outstanding performance, and Wizard of Saws stands ready to show off satisfied clients. Not only have many of our clients used our services again and again but they have also sent their neighbors, family, and friends to us as well. Our unwavering commitment to serving with integrity and fairness is our most invaluable asset, it’s the source of light that illuminates our path to success at customer satisfaction.

Wizard of Saws is the source for all your design and remodeling needs. We offer large selection of all kind of flooring, kitchens and baths cabinets, all kind of counter tops, windows, blinds, metal spindles, wrought iron, fences and gates, paint, roofing, siding, patios, stamped concrete, and much, much more.
You`ll always find best prices and great savings, every day. With personal service from our specially trained remodeling and design experts you`ll find products, styles and colors that are just right for you. If you`re shopping for a new floors, kitchen cabinets, granite countertops, bath room remodel, or thinking to do a patio or a room addition, be sure to stop by our showroom and talk with one of our sales professionals.

Our company is committed to building long-term customer relationships. Turn to us for your all remodeling Tulsa needs and projects and no doubt we`ll earn your confidence. Wizard of Saws is locally owned in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and we service all around the great state of Oklahoma. We are operated by a local management under the supervision of a head office to serve all Tulsa area. No one else knows remodeling Tulsa as good as we do. Wizard of Saws, constantly strive to enhance the quality of work settings and its employee’s performance to maintain its teams at the highest professional standards. We value your time and business. So we do the best we can to meet your good expectations all the times. We know you expect the best for your investment, and we work accordingly to fulfill so.

The Benefits of Replacement Windows

This Content Was Written by the Tulsa Window Installation Experts at Wizard Of Saws

When it comes to windows, undertaking a replacement window project can start to deliver almost immediately in the form of comfort and energy efficiency benefits. In other words, the replacement window costs are well worth it. And according to Remodeling Magazine’s most recent cost versus value report, replacement projects including installing replacement siding, windows, doors and roofing continue to perform better in resale value compared to other types of remodeling projects. So when do you know it’s time to replace your old windows? Take a look at the list of the most common problems with older windows:

Glass Condition – is it cracked, broken or missing?
Operation – does your window open easily or is it stuck shut?
Drafts – can you feel air leaking in from the outside?
Solar heat gain – in the summertime, do your windows block radiant heat from the sun?
Leaky Seals – when the seal between the two panes of glass in double-pane windows is broken, it allows moisture to enter and causes fogging or clouding of the glass.
Frame Deterioration – the wood framing within the wall that your window is attached to can rot and weaken over time, causing drafts and allowing rain water to enter your home or walls.
Construction Materials – wood windows can rot over time and require ongoing maintenance.
Window Type – single-pane windows are not good at insulating your home from the weather.
Lead Paint – if your windows were installed prior to 1978, there’s a good chance that they contain lead paint.

A big consideration is the age of your windows. In general terms, older windows don’t protect your home the way new windows do. Advancements in window design, engineering and manufacturing make today’s replacement windows more energy efficient than windows that were built even 10 years ago. And especially with a cold winter quickly approaching, energy-efficient replacement windows help keep the cold out and the warmth in, and can help control your energy costs. In addition, new replacement windows are easier to operate, more durable, able to withstand the elements, better insulated to keep out rain/wind/noise.

Even if your windows don’t have all of the common problems from the above list, replacing them can help you save money on utility bills, increase your home value and improve curb appeal. This is all lights important to call Wizard of Saws at 918-260-9085. You can also check us out online at www.wizardofsawstulsa.com to learn more about what our company can do for you when it comes to expert Tulsa Window Installation. We have been leading the industry in the area when it comes to Tulsa window installation for a number of years. Check us out and see the difference Wizard of Saws can make for you and your home’s energy efficiency.